You are currently viewing Are you ready for a relationship? 35 signs you are and 10 signs you aren’t

Are you ready for a relationship? 35 signs you are and 10 signs you aren’t

Some things take time.

Recovering from heartbreak can be a trying time, especially if you are trying to get back in the saddle and start dating again.

While you might be keen to find a new relationship to throw yourself into, there are some things you should consider before venturing out to find new love.

The first and most important relationship you’ll ever have throughout life is your relationship with yourself. How you feel about and care for your own mind, body, and spirit sets the stage for all relationships outside yourself — with your partner, family, friends, and co-workers.

When speaking about relationships, we often discuss what would make someone a good man or what would make them a good woman in terms of being a partner. I think what often goes overlooked, is the introspective aspect of building a solid foundation with someone, and what it really means to be “ready” for a relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you find the man or woman of your dreams if you’re not ready to have them in your life. It also brings about the possibility of the harsh truth that they may not be interested in you in return, if you’re not in the right place emotionally.

From psychological, spiritual and practical perspectives, it’s pretty clear that if you don’t love yourself, it’s harder to give and receive love. So, when you’re wondering “Am I ready for a relationship?” there are certain things to look out for.

First, make sure that your last relationship is fully over and done with – there’s no point in starting a new relationship if you are secretly hoping your ex-partner will take you back some day.

Second, make sure that you are not going to just use this new relationship as a way to get back at your ex.

Enough people have already been hurt as a result of your previous relationship; there’s no need to bring anyone else into the mix.

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And third, you need to ask yourself if this is what you really want. You are heartbroken, after all. A little time on your own might be just what the doctor ordered to help you feel better.

Here are some signs you’re ready for a relationship and you can be 100% sure you are fully ready to take on the responsibilities and rewards of a new partner.

1. You attract a like-minded partner.

When you’re in the energy of self-love and acceptance, it’s easy to magnetically attract a like-minded partner who not only loves himself/herself but is available, interested, and ready for healthy, happy, whole love.

2. You have a handle on your story.

Breakups come with a lot of baggage. Before you can start dating someone new, you need to make sure that you have your wits about you and what happened.

If you are still reeling from being jilted at the altar or being left suddenly by your ex-partner and you are still blaming them for your unhappiness, you are not ready to move on.

3. You complete yourself.

You know you’re ready for a relationship when you don’t need a relationship to feel happy and worthy, when you want a relationship to share your love rather than to get love, when loving yourself and sharing your love is more important to you than having control over getting love. When you want a relationship to deepen your growth rather than to fill your emptiness, you are ready.’

4. You know what you want for yourself.

In order to move on and find new love, you need to first figure out what you want from this life. Having a partner is not going to make you happy by itself.

You need to figure out what goals and aspirations you want for yourself and then set out to find someone who shares similar views and values.

5. You won’t settle for conditional love.

Men and women are ready for love when they realize they deserve to receive unconditional love from a partner.

6. There’s nothing “wrong” with you.

The only person who can complete you is… you. The way to do that is to realize that there is nothing wrong with you; you are not broken, you don’t need to be fixed. The truth of love is found in self-acceptance, and in shining the light of love on those dark places inside of us.

7. You can show up consistently for yourself and someone else.

It’s important to remember that there are two people in every relationship.

If you are not yet ready to make time for someone else or if you can’t show up for them in a way that makes them feel loved and needed, it’s not a good time to get involved with someone new.

8. You are willing to be open and honest and engage in intimate communication.

Every relationship has problems, but it’s important to work on yourself following the end of a relationship so that you don’t continue to experience those problems over and over again.

You need to be honest with yourself and your new partner about what you need and want.

9. You can accept people for who they are.

Being in a relationship means considering the needs and desires of someone else.

If you aren’t yet in a place where you can put someone else’s needs above your own, it’s not yet time to get into another relationship. Successful relationships are about give and take.

10. You don’t seek constant distraction.

You’re not afraid to be alone — and in silence, even. You like spending time alone and don’t need the television to be on or the phone to be glued to your head. You can be with just yourself.

11. You’re not waiting for someone else to “save” you.

One is ready to manifest healthy, lasting love when they truly abandon the wish that another can “save” or “heal” them. Self-acceptance and self-love are markers that one is fully ready for intimacy.

This state of being allows one to be open to both giving and receiving love in a pure, authentic way — unburdened by notions of healing wounds from the past.

12. You don’t need someone to make life more interesting.

Before you get into another relationship, remember that adding someone to the mix is not going to make you happy.

If anything, it may cause more drama and upset in your life. Once you are happy being on your own, you’ll be ready to take someone into your life again.

13. You aren’t depending on someone to make you happy.

It’s nobody’s fault how you feel right now, whether that is good or bad.

Until you realize that your partner is not responsible for your happiness and it is not their job to make you happy, despite what you might have been previously told and choose to believe, it’s not.

Find ways to make yourself happy first and then a relationship will be the icing on the cake.

14. You honor your bigger “self.”

When you understand who you are — as a human, in relation to God or your spirituality — and when you are able to consider the “other” without compromising or obsessing about “me,” you are setting yourself up to live a healthy, beautiful relationship.

15. You’ve tossed your list.

People are ready for love when they don’t have a rigid set of expectations and a laundry list of must-haves and deal breakers. They simply want to find someone wonderful to love and share their life with.

16. You’re OK being single.

If you can say “I am OK without a relationship,” then you’re ready for one! You’re OK being single — not in a resigned or defeated way. It’s more about one have a deep knowing of who you are, your purpose and that while you desire love, you won’t allow yourself to be miserable while you’re single.

17. You’ve called off the search.

The old adage is true: the person who is most ready for love is she who has stopped actively pursuing it. Instead, she has been concentrating on developing her own skills, passions, and happiness. A confident, grounded and interesting person is extremely appealing.

18. You like your life the way it is right now.

There’s nothing better than meeting someone who has their act together. It’s hard to imagine taking on a new relationship when you don’t have your life the way you want it.

Work on yourself for a while before you bring someone else into the picture. It just makes it harder for you to focus on what you need.

19. A relationship is a want, not a need.

Someone is ready for love when they want it but don’t need it. That’s the absolute best place to be: wanting a relationship, believing it would be great, but not needing it for your happiness. Being truly happy without it is often the fastest way to bring it about.

20. You smile a lot.

Notice the next time you see your reflection. No matter what you might be wearing or if it is a good hair day or not, is the reflection you catch a glimpse of is one that makes you smile?

When you catch yourself smiling more than making comments, excuses, or judgment, then you know you accept yourself unconditionally — and are ready to do the same for another, too.

21. You own your energy.

You know that you’re a vibrational match for your real-deal Beloved when you move through your day with access to your own orgasmic energy, whether or not you have a partner. You are sourcing it from within.

Yes, the Beloved will be irresistibly attracted to your beauty, fragrance, and nectar but you are the magnificent blossom.

22. You’re over your last relationship.

Look for signs that anger and resentment are gone and that they have forgiven not only their ex-partner, but themselves. To be angry at yourself is a clear sign that you are not ready to move forward.

If you cannot accept where you are and who you are right now, then it’s time to make a change. You will know that you are ready to go out there and date again when you have given up your “story” and can think about your ex with neutrality, compassion, and understanding.

23. You’re willing to take a risk.

A person who is ready for true intimacy is aware of the risks and uncertainty that comes with falling in love. She knows that the relationship will grow and evolve to something wonderful — or it won’t.

Either way, this person understands she will be better for it since the love and support she has for herself will always be there.

24. You have empathy.

One quality I work hard to promote in patients looking to find and/or sustain a loving relationship is empathy. Once a person can see beyond her desires and needs to what it will take to make her partner happy, she is well on her way to going from “me” to “we.”

25. You’re self-confident.

Self-confidence is the key to knowing that you’re ready for love (it’s also the most powerful aphrodisiac). When you take pride in yourself and you are clear about your own worth — that is when you’ll be able to attract someone who honors you and himself in a healthy relationship.

26. You feel whole.

If you are looking for your partner to fill an emptiness within yourself, you will always remain unsatisfied. True love is all about accepting both your partner and yourself wholeheartedly. Dating is about finding your complimentary match, not your other half.

27. You’re open-minded.

You know you’re ready when you can go off your dating script and discovering a romantic interest as though you were visiting an exotic country for the first time. Throw away your checklist, let yourself be in the moment and open up to the joys and challenges a relationship brings.

28. Fear doesn’t own you.

One sign that tells me you are ready for love is when you show courage. When you are open to taking emotional risk, including accepting personal responsibility, love is in your future.

29. You build memories, not walls.

I know someone is ready for love when they incorporate their match into their life after a few dates, rather than compartmentalizing dating activities. Building memories, not walls, shows long-term potential.

30. You are not a puppet.

The one sign that tells me a person is ready for a healthy relationship is when he or she takes a stand for what she wants in a relationship — without being attached to the other person’s response.

31. You accept change and are ready to grow.

You are “ready” for love when you accept yourself for who you are, right now, today, but are still committed to exploring the yet undiscovered growth of yourself individually and in a relationship.

32. You know your turn-ons.

When you know what turns you on, what brings you pleasure and you aren’t afraid to go after it, it’s a good sign you’re ready to share love with someone else. The key to this is honoring that you are deserving of pleasure whether you are with someone or not and recognizing that all types of sensual pleasure — the foods you eat, the smells around you, a cool shower on a hot day — keep you vibrant and alive.

33. You’re comfortable in your own skin.

Embracing yourself inside and out is a sign you’re reading to fully embrace another.

34. You aren’t bringing any baggage to the relationship.

Before you commit to another relationship, make sure you are not going to blame this person for your previous missteps in other relationships.

Whether it was your fault or not that your last relationship ended, your new partner shouldn’t have to pay the price related to any of that.

35. You are ready to blend your life into someone else’s.

While a relationship cannot be your entire life, it does permeate its entirety. You become connected with their friends, families, hobbies, pets, living situations… and they become connected with yours.

Sure, some privacy is important, but your willingness to fully accept someone into your life and routines is what will let the other person know you truly care and are ready to make a commitment to them. They will become your teammate in taking on life together. You will be building bridges between your lives rather than walls.

More important than some sort of “checklist” though, is something nobody else can ever tell you — how you feel inside. I believe when we reach the right phase in life or come across the right person, we will know we are ready to leave the single life behind and build a life alongside them.

But, until that person comes along, it’s important to work on ourselves and define our own happiness which we can then share with them.

Follow these rules and you’ll find that getting into a new relationship is not only exciting and fulfilling, but comes with a lot less drama than any relationship you’ve ever had before.

When you are ready, you will know. Continue reading….

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On The Other Hand, These Are Ten Signs You May Not Be Ready for a Relationship

Image result for heartbroken lady

If you are reading this then you are toying with the idea of getting back in the saddle and dating again.

Perhaps you just left a horrible relationship, or perhaps you get ditched by your best guy for your best gal pal. Ouch. It happens.

And you are likely reeling from a lot of what has gone in the past.

So if you are thinking about getting into a new relationship, take your time and consider if you are really ready for that kind of commitment again.

If you are like most people, your wounds are still fresh as you think about what’s next.

Taking that extra time to decide if you are really ready will save you a lot of time and grief and ensure that when you do take a new partner, it will be for the right reasons.

If you are still doing these 8 things, you are not ready for a new relationship right now.

1. You keep picking the wrong guys.

If you have a history of picking the losers of the bunch, it’s time for a break. You’re not ready for a new relationship as long as you keep telling yourself you date bad guys.

Saying those things will only continue to push you in the direction of what you believe. Start working on saying new things to yourself, such as “I date men who are strong and kind to me.” See where that gets you.

2. You think you need a relationship to make you happy.

You are not ready for another relationship if you think that being in a relationship is what is going to make you happy. You need to learn to be happy on your own.

It’s difficult for a lot of people, especially people who are serial daters, but it’s possible to find happiness on your own and take that burden off your partner.

3. You think a new relationship will fix all your problems.

If you feel broke and think that a new relationship is going to be the glue that puts you back together, think again.

You’ll find that a relationship will only amplify your issues and cause someone else the grief that you are already feeling.

4. You think he’s fixable.

One thing women often do is look for a project when they are feeling bad about themselves.

Unfortunately, sometimes that project is a new relationship with a guy who is as big a mess as they are. Until you feel stable and secure in your own life, don’t try to fix someone else’s.

5. You need someone to make life worth living.

If you think you’ll die without a partner, you are wrong (fortunately!) and you are not ready for another relationship (unfortunately!).

You need to take time to figure out what makes you tick and what makes your life interesting all on your own. A guy isn’t going to improve any of that for you.

6. You spend all your time thinking about when you’ll be in a relationship.

Instead of living in the here and now and being with your friends and family, you are fantasizing about what life will be like once you find Prince Charming.

You might be waiting a long time so you better settle in and find peace in what you are doing right now.

7. You aren’t over your ex yet.

Still have feelings for your ex? Stop thinking about finding someone new.

Divorced couples often jump into new relationships because they want to go back to feeling normal as quickly as possible, but if there are unresolved feelings or you feel like things might not be quite over, don’t rush into anything.

8. You are willing to do just about anything for a partner.

If you feel desperate and needy, you will look desperate and needy. Don’t rush into any relationship just for the sake of having a relationship.

You’ll make poor choices and find yourself right back where you are right now.

9. You haven’t unpacked your baggage.

If you find yourself still dealing with the emotional scars left from the shrapnel of a previous breakup, particularly if you’re still feeling angry then you need to finish your emotional healing before starting a new relationship. Many women believe that a man – sometimes any man – will get their mind off of their ex and into a better place. The problem is that it never really works.

What it will do is keep your mind off of the man that you’re now starting a relationship with, cause you to feel guilty, cause him (and maybe you, too) to feel resentful, and generally make a big mess for everyone. Leave the rebounding to the basketball players.

10. You’re bending and twisting yourself like a pretzel to fit what you think the person you’re attracted to might like.

If you find yourself trying to be something other than what you naturally are, then it’s a major red flag. You can tell if you’re ready to date by watching how you change around men. If you find that you’re often trying to change something about yourself thinking it will make you more attractive to the guy you just met, then you are, like I was, lacking in self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is very common but it means that you need to work on finding and loving the real you before trying to love someone else.

If any of the above sound like you, then you need to start looking inward and making some changes to your life in order to get yourself ready to be with someone else. The good news? Once you have these licked, you will be ready for a real relationship. And then you’ll be in good emotional shape to start attracting the kind of man that you want to be in a relationship with, and he’ll want to be in a relationship with you too.

Why? Because you’ll both be emotionally healthy. So, when Mr. Right does walk into your life, you’ll both be in the right state of mind, in the right place, at the right time. And it doesn’t get any more right than that.

It’s worth taking some time to consider what you want from a new relationship before you go trying to fit yourself into someone else’s life just so you won’t be alone.

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