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The 20 Best Times To Be Single

According To Scientists, Right Now Is The Best Time In History To Be Single.

Are you single? If you answered yes, you’re in luck.

According to a heck tonne of studies conducted in the past year, there’s never been a better time in history to be ready to mingle.

Are you crying right now because you’re single? Stop it! Stop it right now. Also, can you throw the mountain of tissues on your bed in the trash? They’re grossing me out. Anyway, listen, sweetie *wipes hair from your face and pulls chin up*, you may feel like no one understands, but I do. Which is why you must pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you. 

Being single is always exciting. Just don’t watch too many romantic movies. Say no to them.

The belief that being single is a lonely, transient state we’re all desperate to get out of is as old as time itself. Have you ever seen a Hollywood film that ends with the protagonist walking into the sunset with a cat? Neither have I.

Being single is actually the best.

Sure it doesn’t always feel like you’re the lucky recipient of the elusive and delicious onion ring in your order of fries, but singledom affords you many — so many — things that being coupled up doesn’t.

Here are are top 20 best times to be single:

1. When you never have to decide between doing what you want and what they want

2. When you feel attracted to any random person. You are free to talk, flirt, get along, etc etc. No guiltiness.

3. When there’s one fry left and you don’t have to give it to your partner only to secretly hope they choke on it as payback for taking the last stick of potato-y goodness

4. When you’re watching a movie and don’t have to rewind 300 times because your Significant other won’t STFU about what just happened, causing you to you miss what’s happening now

5. When you don’t have to try to impress their parents

6. When you can fart all over the place and not worry about the repercussions

7. When you don’t have to smell their farts

8. You Just Ended A Relationship:

woman holding heart balloons, should i be single

You just got out of a relationship, and rather than taking time to reflect you instead immediately try to jump into meeting another person. This behavior also usually stems from fear of being alone, but it’s important to take time to heal and reset after a breakup.

9. You’re Still In Love With Your Ex:

taking a selfie together, should i be single

Still hung up on your ex? Then it’s definitely best to take the time to get over them before jumping into something new. “You’ll only attract someone just like your ex because you attract what you focus on,” Instead, appreciate what you learned from your relationship. Make sense of what was good and what didn’t work. Then, be grateful for where you are presently. Being happy in the moment is the best way to move forward from a past relationship.

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10. When you want to be a hermit, turn your phone off, watch TV, and pretend no one but you exists

11. When Shaving is completely optional: You can be as hairy as your heart desires, because no one’s going to see except for you. No need to spend half an hour in the shower trying to get those smooth legs – unless you really want that for you.

12. When You’re Super Skeptical of Every Potential Mate:

couple on date at fast food store, should i be single

“If you have institutional distrust or lack of faith from the get-go, you should remain single until you can do some soul-searching and get to a place where you have some confidence in yourself, the process, or men and women in general,” advises Chris Armstrong, a Certified Relationship Coach. “Too many times we put ourselves out there, only to unintentionally sabotage any chance of a relationship because we’re already looking for holes and flaws.”

13. When You Always Have A “Backup” Waiting:

man smiling at his phone, should i be single

“If you find you are not ready to break up with someone until you have the next boyfriend or girlfriend waiting in the wings, you probably need to be single for a while,” saysPatti Sabla, a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Kihei on Maui.

This also indicates that you’re likely afraid of being alone. Instead of always having a backup plan, try to get more comfortable with the idea of not being part of a couple before searching for a new partner. 

14. When You Expect Every Date To Turn Into A Relationship:

couple on a date, should i be single

“The biggest sign that you need a break is it you are grasping too hard and trying to rush every person you date into a committed relationship right away—before either of you has had the chance to get to know each other to even know if you’re compatible,” says Susan Golicic, Ph.D., Certified Relationship Coach, and founder of Uninhibited Wellness.

Once again, this behavior comes from not wanting to be alone, “and if that is driving your dating, then you will find that no one will be able to meet your needs or expectations,” Golicic adds. “You have to be happy with yourself to date. Then, you will be able to really learn about the other person and if you feel they are right for you.”

15. When You Only Like Yourself When You’re In A Relationship:

couple standing nose to nose, should i be single

Some people do not feel good about themselves unless they are in a relationship. If your self-worth is tied to your relationship status, it’s tough to be yourself or get anything positive out of dating and relationships. Work on your self-esteem and get your value from who you are as a person—not what you are to someone else. Doing this will help your future relationships to be healthier and happier.

16. When You’re Extremely Busy:

man looking at papers at the office, should i be single

Got a lot going on? There’s nothing wrong with setting dating aside for a bit to focus on your own goals. “Relationships need time in order to cultivate and grow,” says Julienne Derichs, a licensed clinical professional counselor in Chicago. “If you have no time to give, then it’s a good time to be single for a while. Give yourself permission to focus on you for a bit.”

17. When You Don’t Have High Standards for Your Potential Partners:

man and woman legs standing together, should i be single

If you find yourself making concessions when you meet someone who isn’t really right for you, but you want to try to make it work, then it’s worthwhile to hit pause on your dating life. You need to determine what your standards are, what you are looking for in a mate, and in what areas you are and are not willing to settle. If you are willing to go out with someone just because they show an interest, you are selling yourself short.

18. When You Always Feel “Tied Down” in Relationships:

unhappy couple in bed, should i be single.

This is a clear sign you need to be single for awhile. There is nothing wrong with wanting your freedom and to not have to be accountable to anyone. If being in a relationship gives you anxiety and causes you to feel stifled, you would be best served to stay or get ‘single.

19. When You’re Not Sure What You Want:

man on a balcony, should i be single

“It’s essential that you clearly know what you want and need—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually from a partner, as well as what you don’t want before you begin dating,” says Christine Baumgartner, Dating and Relationship Coach. “If you’re not sure about the traits that are important to you, you won’t know what you’re looking for or when you’ve found them.”.

20. When you’re single, there is no jealousy, no games, and no cheating: if you want to make out with your bestie’s friend’s friend at the frat house party, you totally can (be careful, that goes without saying, but you get the idea)! All I’m saying is, we’re running out of time to be young and dumb, so enjoy before you become desperate to be in a relationship.

Oh yeah I need to make one confession.

Single hood sucks when there is no internet.

In absence of internet, I don’t know what to do, where to go, who to talk, where to look, etc.

But then I fill those days with delicious food.

Life is good 😀

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