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11 Reasons Explaining That Men Like Younger Women

The question of age … Is it just an unimportant number or is it a little more complex than that?

Difficult to answer this question, since many are the couples who form without taking into account the possible age difference.

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The stories of couples where partners have an age difference are many: in our own circle, in the media or in celebrities.

But is it really normal? For the people concerned, it is without a doubt. But note that most often; the man is older, while the woman is younger. Why is it always in this sense?

Why do we see more couples where the man is older than the woman and not the opposite? What are the reasons?

You must also be wondering why women aspire to be in a relationship with older men. And why men aspire, for their part to be in a relationship with women younger than them.

And the question arises all the more because age disparities are often extremely important.

If you are inquisitive and have already asked yourself all the questions above, you are in the right place! Indeed, recent research has identified 11 reasons why men tend to choose younger women.

1. Young women are more talented under the duvet

It’s a little cliché, but it’s a widely held belief: young women are known to be more talented under the duvet, because they are full of energy and are more adventurous.

More alive and naughty, they are eager to experiment and test new things.

At least that’s what men think and what often drives them to dream of partnering with younger women.

2. The midlife crisis

The very famous mid-life crisis (or fifties) can be a source of deep interest for young people.

Indeed, the midlife crisis is a fear of aging and what better to repel this fear than turning to younger women?

3. Many men also find younger, more “beautiful” women

Many find younger women more “beautiful” than their older counterparts.

And this is perhaps due to the media, which tend to convey “beauty” canons intimately linked to youth and thinness. We push people to believe that the younger we are, the better.

But it is also related to the midlife crisis mentioned above: the beauty of youth reassures!

4. He is not looking for a serious relationship

Often, if men are turning to younger women, it is because they are only looking for an adventure. And many people think that younger women will be more inclined to accept this type of relationship.

They do not look for anything serious, which is often the opposite of what women of their age want.

5. Men often want what they can’t have

It is commonly accepted that a man should not go out with a woman twenty years younger than him. In some countries, it is still a taboo and a forbidden.

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In short, for many men, the young woman is a little defended fruit. And it is this prohibition that makes them so attractive.

6. Younger women tend to be more adventurous

When you want to try new things, to diversify your horizons, a young woman will often be more open to the thing than an older woman. At least, that’s what many men say … Right or wrong!

They are often more open and more likely to want to spice up their sex life.

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7. Younger women are less ‘demanding’

As part of her relationship, a mature woman will always be more demanding and demanding than a younger woman.

She has a story, a past, and through her experience she has learned to know what she wants. In contrast, young women are lighter and more accommodating.

Satisfying them will be easier. Their requirements are not yet clearly defined, so they will be much more lenient.

8. Younger women often have more diverse goals than older women

Attention, we do not say that middle-aged women have no goals and dreams! But often, they have already reached some of them and are therefore more focused on their love life and their family life.

They have already done professionally and already have a brilliant career behind them. They already have children, etc.

But younger women still have everything to build. Their future is uncertain and they are very busy. Which often means that they will put less pressure on their romantic relationships.

9. Maybe he is looking for a woman he can control

Young women tend to turn to older men for advice, for example.

And sometimes it can attract older men. This need of accompaniment that they find in younger women and that gives them a role of protector.

But sometimes, the goal may be a little pernicious and it is the fact of being able to control their companion who can seduce them…

10. A younger woman is a way to boost her ego

For an older man, the younger woman is often perceived as a sort of trophy. A price signifying his vanity and his talents as seducers.

In short, a younger woman sometimes acts as an ego booster. It is then simply used for ostentatious purposes.

11. Approaching a younger woman is less likely to be rejected

We can’t deny it, today, many women prefer older men. Blame it on Georges Clooney, most certainly!

But for a man, that only means one thing: less chance of being rejected. They are therefore oriented towards younger women for ease and perhaps also for shyness and lack of self-confidence.

Article By: Luisa Hilburn

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