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Jesus gave illiterate Nepal woman gift of reading, freedom from nightmares

Amita’s Story:

Amita endured beatings when her husband was alive. After his death in 2017, torturous nightmares about the beatings continued to plague her.

“They felt so real that they paralyzed her with fear,” according to a report by The Timothy Initiative (TTI). The bad dreams dominated her thoughts, even during the day, which affected her work and care for her family.

A friend invited her to attend a new church in their village. “Desperate, Amita attended church, and was overwhelmed by the love and support of the believers there. They gathered around and prayed for her. They shared with her the story of God’s love,” according to TTI.

THE SUPREMACY OF FAITH By REV DR. Samuel Kofi Adjei Mensah

  • The supremacy of faith, a case for moving mountains today presents a strong biblical insight on how sovereign faith is and its application for a successful Christian life. Life is an expedition in search of distinctiveness, love, peace, salvation, healing, joy and purpose which God has created us with. Sadly so many people are blindly searching for what they already have, because the truth is missed and the appropriation of the truth is in despair.
  • 66 pages

The power of the Word and the Spirit melted Amita’s heart and she surrendered her life to Jesus.

“Amita returned home that evening with incredible peace, and slept soundly for the first time since her husband passed away. The nightmares were gone—they were replaced with the comfort, peace, and love that comes from knowing Christ.”

As a new believer, she was given an audio Bible because she could not read, and began to listen at various times throughout the day.

She learned about God’s great power and the miracles Jesus performed while he walked the Earth and wondered if God could help her to read.

Amita began to pray and ask God if he could help her. After she borrowed a Bible from a friend, she closed her eyes, and quietly whispered a prayer.

When she opened the pages of Scripture, her eyes grew wide in amazement. God miraculously imparted the ability to read!

“Tears sprung to her eyes as she thanked God for this amazing gift… the gift of His Word, and the privilege to both hear and read it in her own language.” Amita continues to share the story of God’s love and power with those around her.

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