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4 Signs A Friend Is Battling Depression

What’s Wrong With My Friend?

Depression can strain friendships and often create distance between even the best of friends. Here are some behaviors that may indicate a friend is suffering from depression.

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1. Chronic Negative Outlook

Has your BFF turned into a Debbie Downer? A repetitive negative cycle could be a cry for help. If numerous attempts to cheer them up fail it might be time to inquire and see what’s going on.


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2. Withdrawal

Disassociating from close friends and relatives is a tactic that allows those suffering from depression to hide their feelings and suffer in silence. If you notice these signs, don’t take it personal or pull away immediately. Ask questions and show concern to make sure there isn’t a deeper issue.

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3. Loss of Enthusiasm

When a person no longer wants to do what they normally love, the loss of enthusiasm and energy could suggest the beginning of a depressive state.

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4. Unusual Mood Swings

Defensiveness or frequent lashing out is a way to avoid authentic connection and hide true feelings. Give them space to cool down, but definitely communicate your feelings about their behavior. Be a safe place, but also create boundaries if it becomes consistent.


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