You are currently viewing God Has Burning Bushes Set Up In Your Life! Are You Seeing Them? Are You Listening?

God Has Burning Bushes Set Up In Your Life! Are You Seeing Them? Are You Listening?

Are you actually listening?

God Has Burning Bushes Set Up In Your Life! Are You Seeing Them? Are You Listening?

God is Trying to Speak a Particular Message to You

Are you really listening?

At times I have had a conversation with my wife where she says “What do you think about that?” Then I hesitate for a moment and realize I have no idea what the last thing she said was. I sometimes smile and nod, hoping that will do. Then she says “You don’t know what I just said, do you?” I’m like nope, not at all. Then I realize I was on my phone or thinking about something else. She was communicating. And maybe I thought I was listening at first. I just was not listening intently. I am the one that missed the communication. She did her part.

That can happen between God and us sometimes. He may be speaking, but we are not listening with intention and can miss what He is saying to us. God’s heart is always to communicate to us. God loves us and loves to talk to us. We are on a journey with God. He is leading us day by day.

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We can sometimes be oblivious to the fact that God is speaking to us. We can get so busy with life, task, family, work or projects and miss what God is trying to communicate. To receive what God is speaking to us, all we’ve got to do is pay attention.

Are there burning bushes in your life?

God speaking to us can be like Moses and the burning bush. The bush was on fire, but Moses had to turn and see to receive the message. Moses stopped what he was doing to go figure out why the bush was on fire. The bush was burning whether or not Moses paid attention to it. God put the bush in his path, but he had to chose to pay attention to it. God has burning bushes to place in your life too.

God may be speaking a particular message to you, but you have to turn aside to now go and receive it. Pay attention to the burning bushes in your life. What things are showing up as you go about your day, that stand out to you?

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Nothing happens by chance…

Have you read a scripture and then a friend has a conversation with you that is similar in nature to the scripture you just read? Or did you hear a sermon, then see a post on social media with a similar message? Or did you get on the GOD TV blog and see a post about just what you have been praying about?

This is God speaking to you through many different ways. He is getting your attention, like burning bushes. If you’re not getting it one way, He will come to you another, and another, and another. He can be very persistent. God can speak to you through the Bible, friends, social media, sermons, movies, songs, dreams, a prophetic word, art, a book and many other ways. He can speak to you through a donkey if He wants. God has multiple levels of communicating to you. He loves you and loves to talk to you.


Pay attention to the messages that keep popping up to you in your daily life. That may be something God is speaking to you. Once you realize He is speaking, you’ll be able to listen more closely. It then becomes easier to hear Him. Once you have seen the message, ask the Lord exactly what He wants to communicate to you. God is faithful. He will answer you.



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