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Lies We Tell Ourselves and How to Stop Living Them

These lies are holding you back from happiness.

Most of us don’t identify ourselves as being liars. We might say a white lie every now and then, but we would never be the person spewing lies each day, right? Wrong. We might not even realize it, but chances are you are lying to yourself every day. We say them because we think they make us feel better, but in reality they are stealing our ability to live our best life. They blind us from finding the truth, taking away our happiness rather than adding to it.

These lies are holding you back from living a fulfilled life. We have listened to them for far too long, and it’s time to get real with ourselves and stop settling in life. We only get one life to live and these self-limiting beliefs are keeping us from truly living it. Here are six lies that hold us back in life.

“Always being stressed out is normal.”

We think that running a smooth, peaceful life is completely unattainable. We all simply have too much to do between our jobs, families and other hobbies. Living in a constant state of chaos seems normal. However, you should never set your life up to stay in this state. Being stressed takes a huge negative toll on both your mental and physical health. When we spend our lives running around, we miss out on the most important moments. We lack total focus. This is where you need to learn to say no. You simply cannot do everything, and that’s not a bad thing.

“There is someone out there that will complete me.” 

The search for perfect love in the form of a soul mate sounds so romantic. We search for years, never giving up, waiting for someone that checks off all our non-negotiables. We think that in order to live happily ever after we have to find the perfect spouse that will complete our heart. However we have to admit to ourselves that no other person can dictate our happiness. No matter how many people you date, if you aren’t at peace with yourself then you will never be truly satisfied with life. Another person simply cannot solve all your problems.

“You can’t count on anyone but yourself.”
friends talking

The root of this lie is fear of not being in control. We get nervous that if we don’t do everything ourselves, something bad will happen in the future. This only will stress you out and leave you feeling alone. We have to have people in our life that we can rely on and feel comfortable asking for help. Just because someone let you down in the past, doesn’t mean someone else will in the future. Stop blaming the people closest to you for something that someone else did. By believing this lie you are simply alienating yourself from having deep, close relationships.

“The world owes me something.”


We all can be pretty self-centered at times. We all think we deserve success, happiness, wealth, freedom and health – we want it all. Unfortunately, that’s simply not how life works. Thinking that these are all “owed” to you by the universe will only set you up for misery when you don’t get everything you want. No matter how good of a person you are, bad things are going to happen to you. No matter how evil someone is, it won’t take away the fact that they might be handed everything. Do what you can to achieve your dreams and have the life that you want, but don’t let setbacks ruin everything you’ve worked for. Learn to be grateful for the blessings you have been given.

“Anyone that lives differently from me is wrong.”
Hate Knuckles

If we always think we are living in a scary, evil world, then it’s also easy to think that anyone that lives differently than us could be a potential problem. The truth is, just because someone has different beliefs, values, or morals doesn’t mean that they are in the wrong. Everyone was raised differently and due to that will make unique choices for themselves. Your experiences might seem weird and foreign to others as well. Instead of having an “us” vs. “them” mentality, we should learn how to converse and have an open mind. Instead of fighting, we might learn something.

“There is nothing I can do, so why try?”
Reaching hands

You may feel powerless when it comes to the problems of the world. No matter how badly the issues tug at your heart, you simply feel that there isn’t any actions you can take that will really make an impact, so why try? This just makes us a victim. Instead, we can adapt the mentality that we can always do what we can, where we are, with what we have. Even though some things are beyond our control, there is always some small step you can take to make the situation a little better. Instead of our reaction being to do nothing, we can go donate money to a local shelter, plant a tree, or check in on an elderly neighbor. Find a way to give back.

people-woman-happy-ocean-smiling-carefreeWhen we hold on to these lies, we hold ourselves back from living a life full of happiness and success. So are you ready to accept the truth, even though it can be hard? It’s time to let go of fear, the need for control, and closed mindedness. Instead we need to open ourselves up to others, stay focused in the moment, and give back where we can. When we do these things, we will feel more fulfilled. The truth allows you to be set free, and you’ll get new opportunities you might never have thought were possible.


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