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5 Social Media Dating App Dangers for Your Teens

Social networking platforms have been gaining tremendous popularity among teenagers for a couple of years. The researches indicate the excessive use of social media apps exceeding up to 9 hours a day. The time teens dedicate to social media and dating apps is more than the time they spend studying or doing anything else. Though there are innumerable perks of the social media apps as they offer a cost-less and instant way to communicate with the people across the world, boost self-esteem and host plenty of entertaining stuff. On the negative side, the socializing and dating applications expose younger children and teens to several risks including bullying, molestation, catfishing and scamming. Parents should supervise the social media and dating app use of their children to protect them from the online dangers.

Social Media Dating Apps

The dating applications are intended for those who are looking for a romantic partner. By installing the dating app on your mobile phone, you can find a partner to marry or to be in a live-in relationship. When two people choose each other, the application lets them communicate to plan meetups. Tinder is one of the most popular social media dating apps which is being used by millions of teenage social media users.

Dangers of Social Media Dating Apps

The unsupervised use of the dating apps can put the life of the user to danger. Many have lost their lives becoming the victim of online predators while many others have attempted to commit suicide due to the humiliating acts of the bullies. We have rounded up here the most common dangers of the dating apps to let you understand why kids should not be permitted to use these apps.


Online harassment is the most common threat prevailing on the social networking sites. The harassment on dating and social apps is not different than the traditional face-to-face bullying. However, the consequences of the modern online bullying can be more severe than the conventional bullying. The bullies of the digital age have started using mobile phones, apps, software, emails, chat-rooms, blogs and many other online sources to harass, humiliate and offend the victim. They use these platforms to defame and humiliate the target or spread false information about the victim. The bullies on dating apps make fun of the Tinder users commenting and judging their appearances. The dating apps allow users to like or dislike someone judging them by their profile photos. Also, this creates body shame in the boys and girls having an unusual body size or weight.

Online Child Predation

The dating apps have been used by the molesters who sexually exploit the underage children. They are the adult social media users who trap teen girls and boys by accessing them through the dating and social media apps. They gather information about the victim through the socializing apps and use that information to impress and convince the target to come into a relationship with the predator. Once the target gets trapped by the predator, they start sexually exploiting the victim.


Sexting has become a common trend among teen boys and girls who use the social media dating apps to exchange sexually explicit messages, photos and videos. The dating apps allow users to send inappropriate messages and objectionable stuff to others.

Sex Offenders

The dating apps were developed for people to find their romantic partners. Unfortunately, the applications have been used by the criminals and sex offenders to find partners for the one-night stand. The sex offenders trap adolescents to sexually abuse them.

Unauthentic Information

The biggest con of the dating and social media apps is the absence of the data verification process. There is no way to check the authenticity of the information provided by the users. Anyone can sign up for social media dating apps without providing any authentic information. There are innumerable fake accounts on dating sites with false information relating to name, residential address, profession and other data. The scoundrels take the advantage of the privacy loopholes to trap the teen girls and boys and victimize them.

Monitoring of Social Media Dating Apps

Parents are needed to monitor the dating apps of their teens to protect them from becoming a victim of the scoundrels. You can read their conversations and see their friends list to find out with whom they are in contact and what sort of relationship they have with their online fellows. However, your kids would never feel comfortable frequently sharing their messages with you. There are social media monitoring apps that allow you to track the mobile phone of your children and keep eyes on their activities performed on the dating apps. You can track the popular dating app Tinder using TheOneSpy Android phone tracking app to remotely monitor the online conversations of your kids and see their friends and dating preferences to detect whom your kids are dating. Meanwhile, you can track numerous other social networking apps to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of your children to protect them from the dangers of the social media and online world.

Author: Aline Carrara


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