7 Benefits of Mushrooms

7 Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have tremendous health benefits. They aid the heart, liver and can shrink tumors. Here are the reasons mushrooms should be added to your diet.

7 Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have tremendous health benefits. They bring vital nutrients to the body, can reduce inflammation, and can shrink tumors. Here are seven reasons mushrooms should be added to your diet.

1. Reishi Mushroom

The Reishi mushroom is also called “mushroom of immortality.” It has anticancer and antiviral properties that have been used in Asia for centuries. The Japanese government has recognized the Reishi mushroom as a cancer treatment. Patients suffering from HIV have used the mushroom to boost the immune system, alleviate fatigue, allergies, lower blood pressure, and ease anxiety.

2. Maitake Mushroom

According to research by the New York Medical Center, Maitake mushrooms reduce tumors as high as 75 percent in prostate and bladder cancer patients. Also known as the “dancing mushroom,” Maitake has anticancer proteins interferon alpha that reduces cancer growth. It is high in antioxidants, and ascorbic acid.

3. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake can help the body fight off infection and lentinan, which could slow cancer growth and lesson the effects of cancer treatment like chemotherapy. It is thought also to reduce high cholesterol, reduce menopausal symptoms, and aid in fatigue.

4. White Mushrooms

White mushrooms can protect against free radicals, reduce DNA damage, and are loaded with Vitamins B, D2, boost heart health, improve eyesight, and contain the cancer-fighting agent of conjugated linoleic acids.

5. Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms were used as a tonic by the Chinese 3,000 years ago. Oyster mushrooms have iron, Vitamins B, C, and folic acid. Additionally, they have been found to reduce artery plaque, and reduce inflammation.

6. Shimeji Mushroom

The Shimeji mushroom is thought to shrink tumors, boost the immune system, and help diabetics by lowering blood sugar.

7. Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps could help you fight colds and other viral infections. Cordyceps can improve respiratory function, fight fatigue while boosting the body’s immune system.


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