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Top 10 Debt-Freedom Strategies

Receive the power to be debt free! Watch this prophecy from Kenneth Copeland, and then check out these top 10 debt-freedom strategies.

The Lord has brought to the forefront that it’s time to wage war on debt. The power to receive wealth and be debt free is in you right now! THE BLESSING of Abraham is in you and at work on your behalf. By faith, we must make a quality decision to be debt free, receive it, and release that power, in Jesus Name. It’s God’s will for you to be debt free!

Top 10 Debt-Freedom Strategies

Get yourself out of debt once and for all with these practical steps and real-life examples from John Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons.

Every time you link your faith with an actionable plan, you are sure to reap measurable results in due season. Just don’t give up!

Put yourself on the road to complete debt freedom today checking out these top 10 debt-freedom strategies!

While borrowing money is not a sin, it is not God’s best for you to be in debt. No matter how much debt you have, you can be debt free! Watch this video to hear John Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons discuss these top 10 debt-freedom strategies.

Top 10 Debt-Freedom Strategies

#1: Get a Plan

#2: Review Spending for Potential Savings

#3: Commit to “No New Debt” and Saving $1,000

#4: Make a Charge Card Plan

#5 Use Cash for Areas Where Spending Fluctuates

#6: Use a Debt Snowball to Pay Off Debt Faster

#7: Generate Extra Cash

#8: Pay Off Your Mortgage

#9: Avoid Car Debt

#10: Staying Out of Debt

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