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How Prayer Before Sleep Can Better Your Health

Prayer can change things, including your health.

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The Power of Prayer

Prayer can change things, including your health. It is the most widespread alternative to therapy in America today. Scientific studies have shown that prayer and meditation is an important factor not only in terms of staying healthy, but also living longer. While people have commonly called upon healing power within themselves during crisis through prayer and meditation, science is also showing that prayer and meditation can stimulate healing power within your body and ultimately bring healing. When you pray before sleep, taking a moment to sit in silence with God and quiet your mind, it brings you closer to God and can have a positive impact on your body and spirit. Here are several ways prayer before sleep can better your health.

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We Focus Less On Our Pain

When we pray before we sleep, we enter a space where we focus less on our pain. A University study found that people who suffered migraines who meditated 20 minutes day with a spiritual affirmation such as “God is good” had fewer headaches and better pain tolerance, compared to those who used a non-spiritual statement. When commonly practiced, these calming effects are not temporary, but long term. Prayer not only helps you focus less on your pain, it helps you feel pain less.

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It Relaxes You

When we enter silent prayer with Our Heavenly Father before sleep, it relaxes our body. Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiovascular specialist at Harvard Medical School and the founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital In Boston found that during periods of prayer and meditation, we undergo “the relaxation response”. During this period, our body relaxes –our blood pressure and heart rate goes down, and our breathing becomes more calm and regular.


Improves Our Response to Depression

Research already suggests that belief in God can help protect against the symptoms of depression. Prayer before sleep can improve our response to depression. A study at Rush University Medical Center found that patients who were diagnosed with clinical depression responded better to medical treatment when they believed in God. They tested 136 adults diagnosed with major depression and bipolar depression and didn’t completely foresee these results. “In our study, the positive response to medication had little to do with the feeling of hope that typically accompanies spiritual belief,” said Patricia Murphy, PhD, a chaplain at Rush and an assistant professor of religion, health and human values at Rush University. “It was tied specifically to the belief that a Supreme Being cared.” ( When we believe in a God who cares about us so deeply, it reflects in the way we deal with depression. We know we are cared and loved by Him.


We Enter a Calmer Dream State

Say good bye to nightmares and late night stress, which can play a major role in how we finish our night and begin our new day. Studies have shown that when you pray before sleep, it can be an effective dream induction technique, where our dreaming becomes more conscious and vivid. Your body will begin to feel different as you transition into sleep, and your dreams will follow accordingly.



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