You are currently viewing 10 things a girl does when she likes you already – If you notice #10, you got her bro!
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10 things a girl does when she likes you already – If you notice #10, you got her bro!

Many men are losing precious opportunities to date and subsequently marry their dream girl because they had doubt about how the lady also feel.

Yea, I know it’s sometimes very confusing how to distinguish if your crush feels the same way you feel.

If a lady likes you, there are obvious signs she can never hide from you. And those are the tell signs you have to look out for. We will take you through 12 of such signs and my guy, if you see the 10th sign happen , then you are done!

#1 You catch her staring at you often. Does she steal glances at you now and then? And every time you look at her, does she blush and look away?

If a girl can’t stop staring at you, especially when you’re busy or occupied with something else, it’s a good sign to show that she has something romantic in mind when it comes to your thoughts.

#2 You bump into her often. And somehow, she doesn’t seem surprised to see you.
If you don’t know this girl or haven’t been introduced to her, and you still see her out of the blue in places where you like hanging out, she may want to catch your eye.

#3 Her friends seem excited. She seems nervous. One of the easiest ways to find out if a girl likes you is by watching her behaviour when she’s with her friends. Do you see her friends nudging her while she blushes and discreetly looks at you now and then? Well, if her friends stare hard at you and laugh, and if she coyly catches your eye, there’s definitely a crush in the air.

#4 She thinks you’re a great guy. When you have a conversation with this girl, does she constantly remind you about how sweet a guy you are? Being labelled a sweet guy isn’t always a compliment. But if she ever does say any girl would be lucky to have you, then that surely is a compliment!

#5 She looks for excuses to touch you. Some girls are just touchy feely all the time. But almost all the girls aren’t. Does a girl look for excuses to touch you or hold your hand? If you notice this behaviour of hers only around you and not any other guy, she probably does have feelings for you.

#6 She compliments you a lot. Does this girl treat you preferentially? Does she favour you or take your side all the time? There’s a good chance that a girl likes you if she favours you and compliments you for the smallest of reasons, all the time.

#7 She talks about your exes and girlfriend. When a girl likes a guy, she’d want to know everything about his relationship status and his past relationships. It’s an easy way to get to know more about the kind of girls you like and are attracted to, and also the relationship issues that matter to you.

#8 She talks about your plans. If a girl likes you, she’d want to be a part of your life beyond work or college hours. Friends do casually ask each other what they’re up to over the weekend, but if a girl wants to date you, she’d try to look for similar activities often, so she can join you.

#9 She gives you all her attention. We’re all busy in our own lives. But if a girl likes you a lot, she’ll push everything else aside so she can spend more time with you. Does she spend time talking to you for a long while even if she’s busy, be it in hallways or over phone?

#10 She asks you out. If a girl likes you but is too shy to ask you out on a date , she may try to look for subtler ways to date you or ask you out. Does she ask you about your weekend plans or if you’d be interested in a show or a game for which she has tickets? If she always picks you as the first option to ask out, there’s definitely more than just friendship on her mind.

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