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Rejection : How to deal with it

In the past , rejection was something that we all loathed and took offensively. I speak on this in past tense because that will not be us anymore. After you read this , you will be able to embrace rejection , become indifferent to it, and avoid doing it to others.

Rejection; What is it ?

The definition of rejections is when someone dismiss or refuse a proposal or idea.

In regards to experiencing rejection from others , it is when they dismiss or refuse you or something about you.

Story time “My experience with rejection”

The first time that I can recall feeling those intense rushes of anxiety rise in me was my very first day of high school. Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s when you show up somewhere that you’ve never been before , not knowing anybody in the room , and yet feeling like everyone notices that you don’t know anybody. You feel like you don’t have any friends and that says something negative about who you are as a person. Thank God I don’t think on those old societal frequencies any more. But this particular experience of rejection happened during our lunch hour. I walk in to the cafeteria that felt so large when I was there , and I saw a girl that I knew from middle school. I made eye contact with her and we both smiled at each other. I guess I didn’t really get the memo bc I took it as friendly acknowledgment and invitation to sit with her. After I grabbed my food , I went to sit with her and she immediately started acting like my presence was irritating her. She was a junior and I was a freshman but I swear I didn’t think we really considered our grade level as our social class lol. I don’t stay where I’m not wanted so hunni I grabbed my spicy chicken nuggets and bounced.

How did it effect your personality,

Even though I’m the one that left , I experienced the insecurities of inadequacy and inferiority. I felt so unvalued and insignificant that I stopped being the social butterfly that I am because I was afraid something like that would happen again and I’ll fight about my self respect so I just stayed low key.

How does it effect you today

Because of this and the many other experiences of rejection from jobs , family members , & guys , I have been blessed with the enlightenment to embrace rejection, be emotionally indifferent to rejection , and to avoid doing the same to others. This is not by my own doing but by Gods. I can say with out a doubt that had I not taken these insecurities and inadequacies that arose when I’d experience rejection , It have a totally different effect on me. I am the the strong woman that writes this today because of the validation and security I received from our Lord and Savior, Jehovah God, unfailing , encapsulating love.

Rejection vs Declination

Rejection is not simply being told no. So let’s not get the two misconstrued. They may have similar definitions but culturally we understand rejection as a personal outcasting. Sometimes it’s easy to assume someone rejected you just because they decline or deny something that you’re offering. I know all my people in sales and creators that experience unfavorable feedback about their art can relate heavily to this.

How to embrace rejection

We can all be sensitive and in our feelings sometimes , especially when it comes to the things that matter to us. A way to embrace rejection is to first stop fearing it. Don’t put so much pressure on receiving acceptance from others. Don’t ever allow someone’s outward opinion of you have more weight on your self image than your own. Either you believe it or not , Jehovah God truly loves you and literally only thinks good thoughts about you, God only wants you to prosper and succeed. Bringing this fact to your consciousness in times that you feel yourself being overwhelmed with those nagging self depreciating thoughts will be your propellant for bad vibes . When we combat those thoughts with Gods truth your God given perspective will not be stolen by negative energies that seek to digress.Instead, we can view it as a opportunity to be ourselves even more thus, embracing it.

How do you become emotionally indifferent to rejection

Depending on the person rejecting you , embracing it is not as simple as it seems. I’ve found that sometimes you have to become emotionally indifferent or energetically unaffected as I like to say, to it before you can embrace it. To be in indifferent to something is to have lack of interest of concern for it. It is your responsibility to care for and protect yourself at all times. You do this by maintaining positive self talk and meditating on the infallible concepts in the bible. When someone rejects you , either two things will happen . You will harp on that experience. Allowing it to shape your identity and self worth. Or you will be indifferent to the negative attempts and simply see the experience for what it is. That person just didn’t vibe with you. Don’t make it bigger than what it is. Sometimes we can be so extreme when it comes to social discomforts but in all reality it is not that serious. By remaining cognizant of your worth to God , first and foremost . The very fact that Jehovah God was sacrificed during his time in humanity so that we can live our best life speaks volumes of who we are. Secondly remaining conscious of the reality that everybody isn’t for you. We all have our own unique designs and lifestyle preferences. Keeping these two facts in the forefront of our minds will allow us to rise above thus being indifferent and uninterested in the negativity of others. Bye Felicia

How do we avoid rejecting others.

We are all different and unique. There are some things you like and somethings you don’t, likewise there are some people you like and some people that you just don’t vibe with like that. That is completely okay. It becomes rejection when we start to shun or disregard others because of our own personal insecurities and projections. If you are a authentic human being , everything you do will stem from the divine love. Loving someone and liking them is not synonymous . For all my love birds out there, remember that! But the two are not the same because to like something is referring to a attraction motivated by similarities in qualities or characteristics that you identify with. Like is a shallow form of love. Love is kind and patient and enduring regardless of similarities. Love is able to connect spiritually surpassing all pretense and external barriers.


From this day forward we will not fear rejection. We will not devalue ourselves just because someone rejected us. Instead we will effortlessly embrace rejection by not viewing it as a refusal of our identity but as a rejection of themselves. We will not become emotionally bothered during these experiences but we will become emotionally indifferent and not harp on their disdain. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. Lastly we will embody love for God, ourselves , and others through repressing the urge that seeks to judge and reject others simply because they are different from us.

Last words / special dedication

I have personally dealt with overwhelming negative thoughts. I would replay moments and experience in my head repeatedly, reflecting on them critically. For anyone whose dealing with this today , I want to encourage you. Consciously combating those ANT’s( annoying , nagging , thoughts) with the infallible truth, God will free you from self limiting bondage and allow you to overcome all rejection. Read over King David’s experience with rejection and afflictions from others in Psalms 118. There is hope for you no matter how small or large your struggles are. Know that nothing in this life will last forever. You will get through this ✊🏾

Written By Our Guest Writer: Rannay Robinson

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