The Thoughtfulness of Thirst

The Thoughtfulness of Thirst

I ate something that made me extremely thirsty. I poured ice-cold water into my mug. The ingestion of the water was gratifying; so much so, that I inhaled after my long gulp…looked at the remaining water & said, “Thank You, Jesus.”

I repeated the same routine, & looked at the water after my long gulp & thought, “God, You made something that we need, so pure.”

Refilled again…& when I looked at the water this time, I thought, “God, is that why You are referred to as the Living Water? Is thiswhy You made the human body with 75% water? Is this why (only) water quenches thirst?” Is thirst a natural reminder that we need God?

When we thirst (spiritually & naturally) what are we consuming? Does it possess cleanliness, transparency & spotlessness like water? If not, why reject water? Is it possible: at times, we also reject God?

Written By: Andy Cooper


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