It’s Not All About You (And That’s Good)

It’s Not All About You (And That’s Good)

It is not all about YOU

We are living in a world where everyone has become selfish. Very rarely are acts of kindness towards others praised. Now it is all about what can I get for myself and what can I do to make myself look good. Some people will even turn their backs on their loved ones just to get ahead in life. This is troubling because we have made ourselves more important than we should be and we forget that we were created to be in community with others. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Where did we go wrong? What happened to make us become so selfish? Our selfish pursuits in life never end well. We end up either realizing that it wasn’t worth it or we realize that when it’s all about ourselves it’s easy to give or quit because when it gets hard, our selfish pursuits will not be enough to keep us going.

So when I think about my life and why I do what I do, trust me if this was about me, I would have quit a long time ago. The key is to have others in mind and knowing your why will keep you going. Many people take chances that they claim are for their family members, but in reality they’re only doing it for themselves. For instance, if you will do something that will eventually take you to jail or away from your family, there’s no way you can convince me that this is for them. We have to get back to focusing on God and family. Often times, I find myself wanting to give up or doubting what God has showed me, but I think about my family, friends, and society. I also think about the people that God has given me influence with and it’s amazing how I’m encouraged to keep pushing. Without something bigger than yourself that you’re doing it for, it will all seem like you are doing it in vain. I challenge you to put your selfish pursuits aside and start pursing your dreams for the good of others. Also, if it’s just for you then you shouldn’t ask God for much because you really won’t need much for yourself. On the other hand, if it’s to be a blessing to others, God can and will open up so many doors because you will need more than enough to take care of them. Remember, it is not all about YOU.

This is such an amazing post and needs to be read by many!!!
It’s so easy to get caught up in the spirit of selfishness especially in today’s age with social media and everyone wanting to impress people who don’t even know them.
We get caught in “grinding/chasing paper”
Just to be seen and placed on a pedestal by people who don’t even know us…I truly believe that this stems from the spirit of pride and seeking your identity in Yourself,your belongings and others as opposed to Christ.

This post leads one to do such an important Heart Check because truth be told it’s extremely easy to become selfish and only concerned with yourself disregarding the fact that the Heart of the Father was not Himself but Others/people – us.
We need to get to a point where I becomes us even when it’s inconvenient and not comfortable and it’s not easy we definitely need Christ’s help!!!

Alejandre Howe


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