10 Reasons To Fast Before Your Next Relationship

10 Reasons To Fast Before Your Next Relationship

Relationships can either bring a season of joy and blessing or a season of pain and heartache. Take time to fast and align yourself spiritually before jumping into the next relationship.

Getting God’s “green-light”

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Relationships can either bring a season of joy and blessing or a season of pain and heartache. Take time to fast and align yourself spiritually before jumping into the next relationship.

1. Spiritual Clarity

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Make sure you are at your best spiritually. This will help you rely on the wisdom of God and give your heart the clarity it needs to prevent you from making a hasty decision.

2. Submit the Outcome to God

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Fasting allows you to put your desires on the altar. In an honest way you present your feelings, your will and the outcome you want before God and then release it. Submission in this way helps you say to God…“Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.”

3. Prioritizing God’s Will

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Letting God in and acknowledging Him in your decision making will bring His blessing into the process. This may come in the form of a relationship or it may come in the form of Him telling you to wait, it’s not quite time yet.

4. Review your motives

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Taking time to fast will give your motives an opportunity to rise to the surface for your review.  The Bible tells us to examine ourselves (2 Cor 13:5). Doing so will ensure you’re not jumping into relationships for the wrong reasons.

5. Count the costs

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Are you ready for a relationship and the sacrifices you’ll need to make? Are you truly ready for the commitment and emotional involvement that it will take to get to know someone?

6. Clarify what you want

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Before you enter into a new relationship, be clear with yourself on the things you want out of a relationship. This will help you easily avoid relational pitfalls and catch the attributes that don’t line up with what you want.

7. See your life’s big picture

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Take time to ask God about His big idea for your life? It’s best to have a clear vision of your life purpose so that you bring a healthy, whole and unique person to the relationship and not someone needing another to validate your identity.

8. Get advice from God

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Ask God what’s His big picture for your spouse? Know what The Father’s intentions are in terms of your next relationship. Getting God’s “green-light” beforehand can save you a lot of heart break and wasted time.

9. Ask for discernment

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Fasting will give you time to focus spiritually and pray. Prayer opens a doorway to receiveThe Father’s discernment which brings understanding and direction.

10. Let the Spirit lead

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The Holy Spirit wants to protect you and keep you aligned with the blueprint God has for your life. Let Him lead you into the right relationship at the right time.


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