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7 Ways to Know Your Relationship Isn’t Fixable

Is your relationship in a state of constant turmoil and you don’t know where things are headed? Here are six ways to know your relationship just isn’t fixable.

1. Should You Stay or Walk Away

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Is your relationship in a state of constant turmoil and you don’t know where things are headed? Here are six ways to know your relationship just isn’t fixable.

2. Making Excuses (and Excuses for Excuses)

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When a relationship is in trouble and individuals make a ton of excuses for those issues not only to others but themselves, they’re only rationalizing why things are wrong, instead of making a real change to make the relationship better. The more excuses you make, the closer you’re headed for disaster.

3. Constant Cheating


If you or the person you’re with is constantly cheating, it’s time to walk away. While some couples can work through issues of infidelity and come to a point of forgiveness (most of the time one time occurrences), many can’t. When you think there are no underlying issues and that the problem will just work itself out or go away, you’re only hiding from the truth.

4. Abuse

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Whether physical, mental or emotional, abuse is a serious problem and should never be tolerated in any relationship circumstance. When you or your partner has entered a place of tearing the other person down, and gets off on the pain they put the other party through, whether they feel bad about it or not, is something that both parties should walk away from, not only for your sanity but also for your safety.

5. Constant Arguing

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Constant arguing breaks down communication, a key element to any healthy relationship. Many arguments come up again and again for couples because the underlying issues are left unresolved. The more arguing that takes place, the less attractive both parties become, opening the door for other issues to enter into the relationship.

6. Sleeping In Separate Rooms

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While some couples sleep in separate bedrooms for health or personal reasons, usually when you’re at the point where you’re sleeping in separate bedrooms, the problems have been building for so long, they don’t turn around. These relationships usually lack intimacy and at least one individual doesn’t think this is a problem worth fixing, another sign your relationship is in serious of trouble.

7. Zero Respect for Each Other

Couple Arguing

When a relationship lacks respect, it opens the door for a ton of trouble –mental, physical and emotional abuse, constant arguments and name calling among a few. When there’s zero respect in a relationship, it tears both parties down so much, it’s almost impossible to come back from.


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