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5 Food that Helps with Nausea

By Corine Gatti

Natural ways to ease the discomfort of nausea.

Nausea is an uneasiness of the stomach that can happen before and after vomiting. It is the force of emptying the stomach’s contents back through the mouth. The cause of nausea could be motion sickness, signs of pregnancy, food poisoning, gallbladder disease or it is caused by emotional distress. According to WebMD, the timing of vomiting may be an indicator of the cause after we eat. This can be from food poisoning or from having an ulcer. Nausea is pretty complex and is influenced by the messages sent to the brain to signal that something is wrong. The “vomiting center includes an area called the chemoreceptor trigger zone, which is part of the medulla oblongata and receives messages to initiate vomiting,” Dr. Josh Axe wrote. While many people run to medication to find relief, there are natural ways to ease the discomfort of nausea. Here are 6 foods that will help.


Ginger has been used as a remedy for many ailments for over 2,000 years and there is a good reason. It is good for the immune system by helping it remain strong. Ginger aids in digestion, helps fevers, kills germs and combats nausea! Clinical studies “indicated that ginger that following conditions: seasickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy-induced nausea,” Dr. Axe wrote. Scientists believe it could be the phytochemicals found in ginger that play a role in calming the stomach. You can sip on ginger tea through the day to help ease tummy woes or make your own tea made from fresh ginger.

Chilled Foods

Chilled foods can be helpful when it comes to dealing with nausea. This is particularly helpful to patients undergoing chemotherapy. Nausea is controlled by the central nervous system and eating cooler foods might help. Foods like ice cream, salads, cold soups (milk-based) and popsicles are said to help with nausea while helping the body get nutrients. Also eating foods at room temperature could help as well. Avoid eating hot foods and eat smaller meals to sustain you when you are feeling a little green.

Starchy Foods

If nausea hits you in the morning, start to nibble on crackers, dry toast, pretzels or cereals. You can keep them by your bedside, at work or somewhere accessible for when you start feeling nauseated. Carry small packets of crackers with you in your bag, or keep them in the car. Avoid drinking liquids with them as this could aggravate the stomach. “Foods high in starch are great because they absorb stomach acids and settle a queasy stomach,” Everyday Health shared. Eat these starchy foods throughout the day to alleviate nausea.


Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and can ward off infections and can kill germs. They are fabulous for nausea when people are dealing with the flu, chemotherapy or from an upset tummy. To get the most benefits of using lemons, cut one open and inhale the scent to help with nausea (you can use lemon essential oils as well). Try sipping on lemon tea or add lemon juice with ginger to water and use it through the day as symptoms come. You can chill this mixture and use it for later. Make sure you drink this slowly to avoid vomiting or upsetting your stomach.

Drink Water

Our bodies are over two-thirds water and when we are sick, it is the last thing we want to drink. However, you need to get fluids in you. Start drinking plain water to help you from becoming dehydrated as this could cause you to become more nauseous. Make sure the water is not too warm as drinking it cold will help calm your stomach. Take small sips until you are confident that your stomach can hold more. If you can’t handle plain water, try adding a flavored vitamin powder to the drink for a little flavor. If you can’t hold down water, see your doctor to prevent dehydration.


A lack of protein can increase nausea symptoms. Nuts have vitamin E and vitamin B-12 and are packed with antioxidants and protein. Combined with protein and even a little fiber, nuts also keep you feeling full. Nuts will give you the energy while you are sick and help you from becoming too weak. You can keep nuts in a small bowl and reach for them as needed. If you are unsure, try a to eat a few and see how you feel. Try eating peanut butter on toast or peanut butter crackers to help sustain you if eating raw nuts is too much for you.

Food poisoning, the flu, motion sickness, pregnancy and chemotherapy can cause nausea. Whatever the reason, it can stop you right in your tracks. You want aid right away no matter how unappealing it might seem. Before you go to the medicine cabinet, look to Mother Nature to get you back to feeling like yourself again.


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