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A common question that many youth ask is this; 2“Is love money?”  Or  “Is money love?” Or “Is love and money the same?”

There are variations of such questions.

Their common reason is that those who claim to fall in love with them think and talk more on what money can do. Would-be lovers demand money from them.

There is a very wide gap between love and lust; love and evil desire. To claim that you love a person because of his money is not love at all?

Money must not be a condition to love another person. To convince you of this, what do you think will happen if the money stops flowing or a challenge comes that makes money to fail?

Everything is not money. Money is not love!

If you are in “love” because of someone’s money, do not doubt the truth that you are possessed with the spirit of mammon. You may need a deliverance minister to assist you in this respect.

However, this is not to say that money is absolutely useless in a loving relationship. Where there is a genuine and sincere love, money cannot be wanting. What does this mean?

If two persons are in love truly, their love must emanate from the right source. That is, they must love their Maker with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength. They must love the Lord with the totality of their being. After this can both claim to fall in love.

Why should this be so?

The reason is that the Lord owns everything in this world including money. So, if both love the Lord God who distributes wealth according to His will, He will not hesitate to bless them with money.

Not only this, they must approach the Lord for their request to have money in their relationship. A corporate prayer of two righteous persons will not go unattended to by the Lord.

The case study of a family is an interesting one. What is it?

The young man then was a casual laborer with an income that could not sustain him. He fell in love with a young girl who was neither from a rich family or gainfully employed. The man was a trained teacher but could not secure a teaching appointment from the government or reputation school.

It was in this, not so comfortable condition, that they were married. Within the first year of their marital life, the man secured a teaching appointment with the state government and was placed on the right salary grade level.

At this point, the husband with his wife agreed that the latter be self-employed. To do this, the husband arranged a shop where the woman could sell ready-made items, food items and so on.

The supportive and wise woman expanded it into an ideal supermarket. She also, with the co-operation and support of her heartthrob, bought grinding machines to generate additional income. Thus, their love life blossomed.

Love should come first and money can be attracted into the relationship.

If you are the type who believe that your “loved one” should lavish his money on you, ask yourself, “What role did I play or do I want to play to generate the money to spend on me?” If you play your role and the money flows in, the fellow will (should) be able to reciprocate your good gestures. You will be able to live together happily together henceforth.

The words of the Proverbs 27:18 say a lot,

“Whoever keeps the fig tree will eat Its fruit;

So he who waits on his master will Be honored.”     Proverbs 27:18.

To enjoy and profit from your relationship, marital or not, do not put money first. You can generate that with the help of your Creator. Money can fail but love, as contained in verse seven of the quoted verse above.

“…bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Money cannot do those things.

Stay blessed and prepared for the coming of the Lord.

All Scriptures quoted are from New King James Version of the Holy Bible.


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