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5 Reasons to Dump a Friend

It may be time to end your toxic friendships due to these 5 reasons.

There is no doubt that friends are an important aspect of our lives. They add flavor, love, hope, and truly can be partners on our individual journeys. Sounds like Heaven when it is positive, but how about when a relationship turns into a toxic mess? This is a nightmare when they turn sour. Perhaps there were red flags in the beginning of the friendship that were ignored like lying, jealousy, anger, or too much drama. Now you are in a bind on how to let the friendship go. It is up to you on whether or not you keep the circle of friends, the bad and the ones with qualities. Friends should bring out your best qualities and not bad mouth you, betray trust, or encourage hostility. Evaluate to determine whether or some of your friendships are healthy and beneficial for your life. Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t feel bad about dumping, and ditching for good.

1. They are Selfish

No one is perfect, but when selfishness becomes an issue and is ongoing it is time to dump your buddy. When you need help, or need an ear and they are never there for you, it is a warning. Be honest with them, and try to work it out. If they continue to remain selfish, like always talking about themselves, or never taking time out for your needs, send them packing. Thoughtless friends usually don’t care about anyone’s feeling but their own. People who will never be truly there for you are not the ones keep in the inner circle.

2. They are Emotionally Draining

The friend who is always in crisis is a an emotional and mental drain. They might even embellish their circumstances to get attention or by asking for you to drop everything when they have an emotional crisis. You should be there for people, but there needs to be boundaries set, or there will always something. They thrive on drama and it is deep seeded. Sometimes people like this really need professional help, but it can be tricky to bring up. Test the waters, and see if this is an option. If not, reduce the stress by breaking off the relationship as you don’t need the added stress.

3. They are Negative

If you picked a friend who talks trash about you and to your face, there could be a reason they are still around. It can be your low self-esteem. No one has the right to treat or talk negative about someone like criticizing their weight, clothes, choices, or their personality. Realize your true value, first. A true friend will not treat you like garbage. You may have to put up with that in your professional life, but not in your personal one. Even then, that is even iffy. There is enough drama in life and people who will give you a hard time, but this pal needs to be kicked to the curb.

4. They are Liars

Do they lie about everything? You know the lies, the tales of grandeur, and the lies they tell about you. Sometimes people lie to hide their embarrassment, maybe you can forgive that. However, the chronic liars masquerade as friends, so do not be fooled. If they can’t be honest with you, how can they be trusted with your secrets or other areas of your life? This infantile and deceptive practice should not be tolerated by anyone. You may be a person that sees the best everyone, but sometimes you need to accept that there are just bad people out there.

5. They are Competitive

Healthy competition is fine, but if your friend is always competing against you and trying to get the upper hand, they need to go. You know what is being referred to here. If you bought something they say “I already have that” or they one-up you by mentioning they are buying a more expensive piece. Since this will put you in a more pensive mood—why keep them around to take any happiness away? Even if they have a good heart, this is unacceptable. A friend that can’t be happy for you is a pal that needs to hit the road. Yes, queue the song: “Hit the Road Jack.”

If a friend can’t be trusted, supportive, or shows little respect for you—move on. Life is hard enough to deal with daily. Since you have the power to pick friends, choose them wisely. Your world will be better with one quality friend rather than a group of toxic people.


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