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Yes ladies this is a REAL POSSIBILITY. That man may just not be ready to meet you yet. He may still be attracted to a Vashti: thinking she’s his queen because of her OUTER BEAUTY-he hasn’t met her INNER UGLY but that’s another post 🙄. Read Esther 1 for context. He may still be getting his bearings. .
Don’t forget you are also a gift he may not yet know how to carry a RUBY. He may have issues understanding what it means to identify a godly woman that carries substance and purpose. And then he may not know how to identify his OWN GODLY WOMAN. He may be confused as to where he has been called to be.
He may not know what it means to START SEARCHING and STOP LOOKING. He may be struggling to understand what it means to be a HUSBAND instead of a BOYFRIEND. He may not know HOW A WIFE looks like in the flesh when she is CALLED in the Spirit
These are some reasons he may not yet be ready so your job this season is to START PRAYING AND WAITING. Let the Lord teach you how to be PROMPTED to pray for your HUBBY. There are levels to this but that’s another post. So stay encouraged sis! When he meets you he’ll be ready and you won’t have to deal with a lot of the things you dealt with when dating a man IN THE WORLD because he will be FULL OF THE WORD.
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