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Yes ladies sometimes I get comments about what to do when friends say you’re waiting for nothing or your standards are too high or you should consider that guy-the answer is and remains cough NO
Trust what God has told you and more importantly trust what He has SHOWN YOU. Why would you deprive yourself of the best man God has for you simply because Tunde wants to start toasting you? Why would you compromise your standards because Bola just got married and keeps saying you should consider dating any man you see? .
Will they enter the marriage with you? Will they be there when you can barely bare the way your husband talks not to even start to talk of when he wants to start touching you 😩 let’s be real-don’t compromise for ANYBODY stick to what God has told you .
Don’t marry a man you’re not attracted to. Don’t date a man you don’t want to even talk to. There is NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU
You’ve just chosen to wait where a lot of people RUSH. And you’ve chosen to WAIT YOUR TURN for your blessing-there’s a sermon in this 🙌🏾🔥🙌🏾 and wait for the man God has for you and it’s not as if God has left your hands idle.
He has told you what to do this season. He has shown you where to serve-what habits to develop and what to drop. And this is all to POSITION and PREPARE you for the right man and more but that’s just it you’ll miss it if you keep paying attention to what everyone else is saying around you and about you. There should be NO TIME in your SCHEDULE to even consider this man .
So today smile at that concerned friend and tell them not to worry-when you get married you will share your TESTIMONY
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