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He will pursue you intentionally. He won’t chase you. A lot of ladies fall for the chase without realizing it. You think he’s interested one minute but then one minute he’s there and the next he’s not. You thought he would keep giving you attention and care but he does not. .
You’re not quite sure when everything changed and you don’t know what it means to be in a relationship where you’re valued.
Some women enter marriages BUILT on the chase. They say yes hoping he will change. Sometimes he changes IN THE MARRIAGE. Because it’s based on what you can see instead of what God shows you. Because you don’t know HOW TO SEE what GOD IS SHOWING YOU. This is why the PURSUIT is so IMPORTANT. The pursuit is different. It requires positioning, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and learning to hear what a man is NOT saying-the pursuit will SHOW you THE RIGHT MAN for you. .
It requires being able to discern when a godly man is meant for you even if he is intentional about you-because just because he’s intentional about you does NOT mean he is the right one for you. The pursuit is not practiced in the church as it should be although it is MEANT for the church because it is not taught. .
A lot of women become a victim of this unintentionally. You have your standards and somehow you still end up deceived believing a man that turns out not to be who he pretended to be
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