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Yes ladies you can quote me on that. If he keeps the fire of God burning and you do the same, the Holy Spirit will keep teaching you BOTH how to grow the passion in your relationship daily. It may not even be in the most romantic things but even the most unromantic things
Like reminding you to brush your hair before you step out 🙄 or reminding him to shave his beard because its getting a bit rough or reminding each other of some important deadlines. Believe it or not that too is LOVE.
But there’ll also be the romantic unexpected things like taking each other out on dates, or helping with the dishes or the house cleaning or helping him with whatever else the Spirit of God leads you to-the most MUNDANE tasks will begin to carry some deep MEMORIES
And you never know when MEMORIES may be NECESSARY to REMIND you of what you have in your MARRIAGE and what is STILL POSSIBLE. So when you meet a MAN that knows GOD and GROWS CLOSER WITH GOD and you are a WOMAN that does the SAME you are both EQUIPPED TO KEEP THAT HOLY FIRE BURNING PASSIONATELY IN YOUR MARRIAGE DAILY. This is basically why I teach on this because women don’t know HOW to recognize such a man or to become that kind of woman but…
That’s all I’ll say!

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  1. Lerato Motsoadira

    wow this is fantastic.. keep em coming.

    1. admIn@

      Thank you for liking it. You are a blessing!

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