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1.Do you know how to submit to God? As a woman of God you first have to know how to submit to God before you can learn how to submit to your husband-so are you learning to trust God through the tests as a woman in waiting? Are you allowing your mindset to mature in Him? Are you applying His Word into your life? This means learning when to be quiet, learning when to speak, learning how to love, learning who to allow yourself to be connected to romantically and physically-this is the reality of submission and surrender. You cannot submit to your husband if you do not know how to submit to the LORD. It is through our relationship with God we learn how to serve the men in our lives by the help and leadership of His Spirit. So how can He lead you if you don’t know how to follow Him?

2. Submission teaches service: The second point here is so powerful-in your submission to God, you learn how to serve your husband. You learn how to pray over your family and your household. You learn how to speak to your husband. The LORD teaches you about your man’s issues, struggles and areas of strength. The LORD speaks to you about what your man of God is facing and uses you to strengthen your husband because remember-you are his rib. (Genesis 2:22).This is the power of submission and surrender to God.

3. Do you recognize your role as a wife?
Do you know you are a wife? This means you have to start applying that mindset now. Do you know though you may be single in the flesh you may be called to marriage in the spirit? This means from now you start learning how to carry yourself as a wife-no girlfriend or sidechick mentality. This also means you protect your purity. You cover yourself spiritually-you grow prayerfully. You learn and prepare yourself for your husband and even if you are in marriage you approach situations as a couple-because you are now a unit. Don’t fight against your husband-fight beside him. This is what it means to be a wife-the way the world defines it is different from the way God defines it-what the world sees as deal breakers-does not exist in the word of God. So let your union be sealed in Christ. This also means let God approve your marriage before you give it to anyone else-one with God is a majority. If God has called you to be married to His son-you take that responsibility and that calling seriously and you let Him teach you how to submit to your husband.

4.Learn to submit yourself: You need to know how to submit yourself. This means you alone have that choice. Not your family, not your friends-you. In other words you need to learn woman of God that you have to choose the spirit over the flesh because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak when your man snaps at you-the spirit is willing but your flesh is weak when your man refuses to open up to you. As long as that man is of God and called by God to be for you, you need to learn to submit yourself-this is how you fight through the power of submission. You approach the situation from a different direction-a God led direction-which means a purposeful direction that yields results. And this is your choice-I emphasize this because your friends and family may advise you rightly or wrongly but at the end of the day they are not married to your husband, they do not share a bed with your husband, they are not courting your husband, they are not spending time with your soon to be husband/husband-you are. So you need to learn to submit yourself by choosing the spirit over the flesh every single time and watch how God changes your perspective on your marriage/courtship.

5.Finally submit to your own husband: This seems obvious but what does this mean? It means don’t go comparing your man to another woman’s husband/boyfriend. Don’t go complaining about your husband to everyone that would listen-he is your own husband. This means it is personal not public-it is between you both and not for the whole world. So women we must learn to cultivate the spirit of silence-a gentle and quiet spirit. (1 Peter 3:4). Learn to take your affairs concerning your husband/courtship to God because remember our reference here is God-submit to your own husbands as you do to the LORD. This is what this means-so take that concern to the LORD and watch Him work on you and your own husband. This also shows us that marriage in Christ is not the same as marriage from the world’s perspective. Marriage in Christ encourages you to run your own race-don’t get distracted because your friend’s husband/boyfriend bought her a car, or some amazing gift or took her to some fancy restaurant-stay focused on your marriage-look at your own husband and learn to be thankful for him and to submit to him as unto God-face your race in Christ. (Phil. 3:14).


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