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1 You Are Composed:
You are not easily threatened by your partner’s friendships/relationships-familial or friendly in nature-male/female because you are highly aware of your value and your worth. You know you are unique, special and have a ton to offer to your partner and this means unlike relationships built on insecurity-you both are not constantly arguing over his friends of the opposite sex (there are times when this is necessary but the difference here is the ability to gauge properly when it is and it is not).

2.You Are Busy:
In other words-you are not clingy-you don’t need to be around your partner, talking to your partner, near your partner on a 24 hour basis. You have your own work to do and your own empire to build-you are about your business and invested in other areas of your life that also require time and attention.

3.You Have Time For Family & Friends:
You don’t take your other relationships for granted because you are more aware of the value of both your family and friends and you respect the substance they bring into your life. Unlike relationships built around insecurity you are not always neglecting your friends and your family members or placing them behind your partner’s every priorities because you understand better the concept and importance in maintaining balance in your relationships.

4.You Are Focused:
You are not easily distracted by your partner’s life but are also focused on building your own-you understand the importance of being yourself and just doing you so you are more focused on being a better person so you can be a better partner.

5.You Are Satisfied: This means you are not always looking for excuses why your relationship is not working which is different from aiming to improve your relationship. You understand that there will always be areas in which your relationship can improve and work towards improvement together-you do not allow your relationship to suffer as a result but choose satisfaction over struggling to move faster than your relationship can take-you pace yourself and your growth in the relationship.

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