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1. You Give Too Much Too Quickly: This is different from giving too much too soon. Giving too much too quickly in your relationship means you let your partner know your most prized possessions, give them an update on your family history and familial tensions, share all the tidbits about your friends and family members-when you have barely begun to know the person you are speaking to. Just because your partner is charming, friendly, dotting does not mean that is who they really are-it only means that is who they want you to think they are because when you first get into a relationship you have your best foot forward.

2. You Spend Too Much Time Together Too Soon: There is nothing wrong with getting to know your partner but there is something wrong in getting too attached. When you become too attached to your partner your judgement goes out the window. This is because you basically have “blinders” on in the relationship and as a result you cannot see clearly when something is wrong or even when something is right-and on the other side-you start to take each other for granted. This is even more dangerous because now both of you are building a relationship based on dysfunction and disillusionment-this is the cause of many heartbreaks in relationships.

3. You Make Your Partner Your Family And Your Friend: Listen: yes when you both are married your partner effectively becomes your family and your best friend but this does not mean the same thing as seeing your partner as your sole source of comfort when you are facing challenges, this definitely does not mean the same thing as making your partner your mother and father in every and all situations and it most certainly does not mean your partner becomes the only person you depend on for your emotional investments. This is why some couples also break up-because you place too much weight on your partner’s shoulders and as a result they become stressed and strained.

4. You Strip Your Partner Financially: This is so important-in fact I might do some more teachings on this. Yes you are a couple. Yes you should discuss your finances as a married couple and even share a bank account because you now have a family and you both are married. But this does not mean you take from your partner’s finances as a married couple without their knowledge, or you invest in ventures without their approval. And for the singles this does not mean you share your bank account information with that man/woman. It also does not mean you tell them of every business venture you have on going because at the end of the day you do not know that man/woman from a financial perspective-you have no idea about their contacts or how they think financially. And also more importantly observe how they react to your businesses-are they supportive, jealous? Or even worse, are they determined to eat a share of the profits-this is so important because it will show you how your partner speaks and composes himself/herself financially.

5. You Tell Your Family And Friends About Every Fight You Both Have: Don’t do it. Whether single or married-do not involve your friends and family members no matter how close they are in all your squabbles as a couple. This is because of a deeper reason-it could ruin the trust in the relationship and it could turn your family and friends against your prospective husband/wife before the marriage. Choose to sort things out with your partner-respect their personalities and even their mistakes because you too will make mistakes you will need grace for down the line. So don’t sacrifice your partner’s mistakes at the alter of your family members judgement and definitely don’t hang them on the cross of your friend’s opinions about him/her.

These are 5 mistakes you make in your relationship without your knowledge that could be the reason you both are having issues..


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