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1. Clarity: Make sure there is clarity at the core of your relationship. You both should have a discussion on what your aim in the relationship is-to focus each of you if one or the other forgets. You also need to discuss the time that will be spent apart. Share your reservations about the distance with each other-the point is to be open with one another-not to build on any lurking insecurities but to reinforce the purpose of the relationship i.e Although we are apart for [insert number of weeks/months/years] I am committed to this relationship fully. This way you both dissipate any lurking fears being felt by the other party.

2. Communication: Communicate constantly. This is very important. This is similar to the first point-share your fears, your concerns but also share your expectations. Reflect on memories together when you’re both apart. Make plans for when next you will see each other. This will give you both a time frame to work with and opportunities to look forward to. It will also you remind you both of why the distance is worth it and the connection you both share.

3. Protect Your Privacy: Do not share your concerns with everyone in the relationship. Just because you both had a fight does not mean it is the business of your friends or family members. This is super important especially in long distance relationships-the relationship is much more delicate. You need to make sure you maintain your privacy in the relationship and it also shows respect and solidarity with your partner.

4. Connection: When you both see each other spend time together-make time to hang out with friends and family together, to build memories with one another and also to talk to one another. These three factors are important because it shows your friends and family members that the relationship is a priority to both of you, you both have an opportunity to once more build on your connection through events and places you go to together and finally and arguably most importantly you give room for each other to talk about your fears and concerns and even hopes in the relationship face to face-this allows honesty to grow and the connection to become stronger.

5. Pray: This is the final but most important point. Pray together-read the Word of God together. Pray for each other and grow yourselves spiritually together. This is the foundation on which your relationship should be built because then you are not only connected emotionally, physically but most importantly-spiritually. This will allow you both to grow in the relationship together and to learn how to sustain the relationship in the long run through the guidance of God. Prayer also eases any lurking concerns in the relationship and gives you wisdom on how to handle the inevitable issues that come with long distance relationships.


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