Love & Relationships


1.What is the currency in your relationship? Ask yourself: is love the currency or is it hate? Is there connection, communication and consistent trade? Do you both see each other often and what is the product of your partnership? This will help you establish the economy around your relationship.

2.What is the return on your investment? Is itsecurity? Stability? Durability? Freedom? Or are you experiencing a serious recession in yoru relationship where the price of your love just keeps going up i.e you find you are giving more attention, more care, more support but getting less and less of a return in terms of communication and consistency and even attention?

3.What is the product of your transaction? Is it love, hate, is it growth or are you in a stalemate? Where is the relationship headed in terms of your union? Are you producing items of affection or irritation? This will help you identify if your market in this business is worth the time, effort and investment.

4.What is your role in the relationship? Are you a consumer, worker or partner? A consumer means you only take without giving, complain and expect adjustments because you have a customers mindset-which needs to be re-adjusted; a worker means you feel like you are subdued in the relationship-you work according to the direction of your “boss” but you do not have the chance to contribute to the conversation or your thoughts and ideas of how the business should go is not being promoted. But if you are a partner which you all should be there should be an equal amount of investment, commitment and resilience-where the business is facing issues there should be both sides sharing responsibility for both the good and the bad-partnerships thrive because of this mindset.

5.What will you name your business? Your business in this context is your relationship-what name best describes your business in a word-now put that word into a phrase-would you describe your business as being in the line of trust, in that case the phrasing would be we market our product of commitment based on a foundation of trust. To name your business you need to know your business-so do you know the ins and outs of your relationship? Do you know the weak points and the strong points? The points where compromise can be made to move forward or where losses must be cut to stop holding you back? Are you both constantly communicating on how your business (relationship) can move forward? If these elements are missing your business is on the brink of going defunct because there is no foundation on which it stands on.

These are 5 elements of business that can help you understand your relationship from an economic mindset! I thought this would be a nice way to mix finance with romance to help you understand the importance and running theme through all relationships!


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