Hey Ladies! Today’s post is on the God-fident woman!

A God-fident woman has certain qualities that make her attractive to others and to her environment! I will be sharing some of them briefly.

1. She has a KNOWING spirit: Her spirit knows she is a queen, her spirit knows she is deserving to be treated with respect, her spirit speaks into her soul and teaches her how to carry her body. She is confident in how she talks, she seeks and obtains security from the Spirit of God and is not easily fazed by other people’s thoughts.

2. Her qualities speak silently: She has a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:3-4). A spirit that is knowing, a spirit that thrives on clarity. Her qualities advertise her silently and beautifully. Her personality is constantly evolving she is not predictable she is intentional about living in a godly fashion. This has an impact on who she relates with and where you can find her and when she makes herself available. She thrives on originality-she is divinely inspired in her work, in her emotions, in her relationships

3. She does not allow men define her: Whether she is single or in a relationship-her worth does not come from men-it comes from God.

4. She is walking and working in her purpose: A God-fident woman knows she has a divine assignment. She carries it out daily diligently-she listens to the Spirit of God for her daily dose of destiny.

5. She is led by the Holy Spirit: She understands that she cannot do anything on her own-that the children of God are led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14).Love & Relationships


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I am Divine, Whom Jesus Loves!

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