Love & Relationships

1. You Always Feel Lost: A relationship should have a focus. When you’re with the wrong man your heart will not be able to face forward-it is like a compass that has no direction. You ALWAYS feel LOST. Today you’re happy-tomorrow you’re upset. Today he makes promises-tomorrow he breaks them. This is what it means to feel lost-and if you’re in this relationship-then it’s the wrong one.

2. The Spark Is Gone: You no longer feel attracted to him anymore. Sure you started off with some amazing chemistry but now the spark is gone. The spark being gone is different from the fire being out. The spark creates the fire. Once the spark is gone-unless you both are willing to work TOGETHER to bring it back-the relationship is not the right one. In the right relationship the spark should always stay lit even if it is SMALL-the point is you both try to make it work.

3. You Give and He Takes A Lot More: When you are in the wrong relationship-you are always giving and never receiving. You give your time, energy, attention and throw in some effort but have nothing to show for your sacrifice. He does not do the same thing or take the same steps to make you happy-then you’re with the wrong guy.

4. You Constantly Feel Under Pressure: You know something is wrong. You cannot place a finger on it because honestly it’s a combination of everything. You don’t understand each other anymore-you constantly fight about things that should carry no weight at all. You disagree more than you used to before. You feel the pressure to leave and then to stay at the same time-that is a relationship that is confused at its core.


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