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1. Chemistry Will Sustain The Relationship: Chemistry will NOT sustain the relationship.

Chemistry changes depending on your connection-it could become better or worse-it is relative NOT static. What attracted you to your partner today, may be the same reason you have issues with each other tomorrow-so you need to pay attention to your partner’s personality not the chemistry to be able to grow in the relationship together. Concentrating on only chemistry will make you both grow APART as conditions change in the relationship as happens to all couples.

2. I’ve Met His Family & Friends-The Next Step is Marriage: Ummm no. Just because you’ve become acquainted with his/her inner circle does not mean your partner is necessarily thinking about marrying you. It simply means they are comfortable enough around you to make an introduction or depending on your partner’s personality trait it could mean nothing at all!

Everyone’s priorities are different-just because you place a high level of importance to introducing people to your family and your close friends does not necessarily mean your partner feels the same way.

Or it does not necessarily mean that just because your partner does place a high priority on these relationships-a natural conclusion to that line of thought for him/her is marriage-so don’t think your relationship has reached a higher level of importance simply because an introduction was made.

3. I Can Change Him/Her: No you can’t. Only he/she has the power to do that and the sooner you realize that the better. In fact, both parties are going to change in the relationship regardless of whether you like it or not-this is why some relationships end and some continue-at some point or the other you both must have changed into different persons with different perspectives-but when you have a partner you have to be willing to work together to have the same vision and alignment of ideas-just like in any partnership. If your partner in this scenario-your boyfriend/girlfriend is not willing to go on this journey with you-you cannot FORCE them to. So no you definitely cannot change him/her. Only they have the power to do that.


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