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1. Your Business Isn’t Everyone’s Business:
Don’t share every single detail about your relationship with everyone-learn to protect your peace-watch how you speak about your partner, what you say about him/her and who you say it to. Unless you allow your relationship to become everyone’s business-and when everyone is involved in your relationship, everyone is invested in your happiness-which is never good for you because everyone’s definition of happiness is different. So learn to keep your relationship private, away from social media, from friends, from even family members except those closest to you.

2. You Have To Start The Right Way:
You have to start the right way so you do not end the wrong way. Make sure you pay attention to their personalities from the beginning-do not ignore the little things like selfishness, lack of kindness, how they speak to other people-pay attention so you don’t regret it later on. When you start the right way you allow your relationship to start facing the right direction-so don’t start based on sexual chemistry for instance-are they good people, do they act on their words? Ask yourself serious questions.

3. You Have To Know You’re More Than Enough: Insecurity destroys relationships from the ground up. If you start your relationship based on insecurity your relationship will be riddled with many weeds based on insecurity. You have to come to the place of knowing you’re more than enough. You have to understand that you have a huge variety of options to offer your partner-this will dictate the level of respect you get and even give in the relationship, the level of love you allow yourself to feel in the relationship and how you allow yourself to be loved in the relationship.


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